Your Strategic Partner In Business

Each week you can expect the following personalized coaching & consulting services:

  • Carefully designed coaching sessions focused on improving your understanding of business and increasing leadership insights
  • Learning something new and important each week
  • 24/7 communications via phone, text, or email for time-sensitive advice
  • Accountability for the tasks you agree to complete
  • Periodic check-ins
  • Tracking of goals
  • Rescheduling of coaching sessions as needed

Our first session is a comprehensive assessment of around 60-90 minutes. We will begin working together to improve your business. Topics may include: ensuring your business is legal or getting it there asap, fulfilling licensing and insurance requirements, improving financial health, assessing your education and experience, assessing market information, customer base, customer service policies, your schedule and organization habits, your personal wellness, your stress level, what you feel is, or isn’t, working for your business, your vision of the future, what is possible, your ideal customers, and much more. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. I am here to help you discover them.

From there, depending on the amount of care you and your business need, I will give you immediate tasks to complete and/or take time to begin thoughtfully strategizing a comprehensive plan of action which we will begin working on together. Once your business needs are triaged and addressed we will begin a beautiful weekly relationship of training and mentorship framed below.

Coaching Landscape

Initial Contact & Relational ConsultationFree
Week 1 – Orientation & Fact Finding, Envisioning Possibility
Week 2 – Business Triage, Develop Action Plan, Assign Tasks
Week 3 – Getting Organized and Achieving Goals With Google Calendar
Week 4 – Setting Healthy Boundaries To Create Wellness in Your Work-Life
Week 5 – Bookkeeping and Accounting Methods For Financial Peace-of-Mind
Week 6 – Advanced Relational Business Strategies For Closing New Clients
Week 7 – Online Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth
Week 8 – Leadership Strategy & Accountability
Week 9 – Saving Time & Money Managing Employees and Admin Requirements
Week 10 – Advanced Financial Tools and Strategies To Grow Your Business
Week 11 – Advanced Technology Strategies to Save Money and Increase Efficiency
Week 12 – Present Comprehensive Status of Achievements. Determine together if further Coaching is appropriate.

Let’s build your business together.

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