Originally from Northern Michigan, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009. Since then I have been fortunate to have had a hand in founding three businesses: Golden Gate Organics, CT Marketing Agency, and CT Coaching & Consulting

With great pride, I served a highly decorated 10 year military career in the U.S. Coast Guard from 2002 to 2012. Here I learned about leadership and travelled the world. After that I earned a degree in Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley while also managing Golden Gate Organics. Today I am blessed with a beautifully brilliant wife, two wonderful sons, and many amazing friends. 

I’ve worked with my own executive coach and mentor, Helge Hellberg, for years. This is how I learned the value of a great coach. As a leader, military veteran, founder, CEO, entrepreneur, philosopher, and a student I have realized that my passion is to help others with their businesses so they can be successful without making the same mistakes I did. I love inspiring and coaching entrepreneurs!

For more information about who I am check out my Twitter handle @coreytufts, or my Linkedin profile. Please contact me to have a conversation about how I can bring my experience to guide and lift you and your business to new heights. 

Thank you.

With Great Care,


What People Say

Corey helped me through a tough time legally reforming my business. Now I am invigorated and excited again! Anytime I am not sure about something in my business I talk with him about it and make a plan.

Anthony Brasseur
AB Carpentry & Construction LLC

Corey helped me setup my petsitting business from scratch. Whenever I have a business question I feel safe knowing I can trust him. Now that I am so busy he taught me to be choosy with what clients I decide to work with.

Jen Tufts, RVT
All Critters Pet Sitting

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build your business together.

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